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Table 6 Statistical comparison between the obtained results of the proposed UV-spectrophotometric methods and the official method of trimebutine maleate in its pure powdered form

From: Different aspects in manipulating overlapped spectra used for the analysis of trimebutine maleate and structure elucidation of its degradation products

ParametersDWD2RDCC-SSOfficial method [1]**
± SD0.400.580.420.450.86
Student’s t test*0.990 (2.262)*0.249 (2.262)*0.726 (2.262)*0.413 (2.262)* 
F test*4.62 (5.07)*2.20 (5.07)*4.19 (5.07)*3.65 (5.07)*
  1. *The figures in parenthesis are the corresponding theoretical values at p = 0.05
  2. **The official method used is HPLC method using a mobile phase consisting of anhydrous sodium dihydrogen phosphate buffer (pH = 3.0) and acetonitrile in a gradient program