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Table 2 Day-wise comparative healing for medicated hydrogel sheet against standard/control formulation

From: Fabrication and evaluation of a medicated hydrogel film with embelin from Embelia ribes for wound healing activity

Observation dayStandard (Moisturex® cream)/control (blank hydrogel sheet)Test (medicated hydrogel sheet)
3rd day post treatment30–40% reduction in wound size and presence of dry scar.30–40% reduction in wound size. Additionally, absence of dry scar formation, rather the wounds were moist.
6th day post treatmentAbsence of epidermis formation.Formation of a thin epidermis without any scar formation.
9th day post treatment90% reduction in wound area, but incomplete epidermis formation.90% reduction in wound area with presence of thick epidermis layer.
12th and 15th day post treatmentFull contraction of the wound area but appearance of non-uniform new skin.Full contraction of the wound area with appearance of new skin that was uniform, cleaner and healthy.