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Table 2 Docking scores for validated Inhibitor and natural compounds with CYP51 and GP63 target proteins

From: Identification of potent natural compounds in targeting Leishmania major CYP51 and GP63 proteins using a high-throughput computationally enhanced screening

Compound nameCompound idDocking score for CYP51Docking score for GP63
Benzyloxycarbonyl-Tyr-Leu-NHOH46173719− 10.087− 8.509
N-methyltyrosyl-N-methyltyrosyl-leucyl-alanineUNPD86509− 11.657− 7.834
HirsutideUNPD107852− 11.203− 6.325
Vignatic acid AUNPD163060− 9.809− 5.932
Cyclo-(Phe-Tyr)UNPD22004− 4.542− 6.402