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Table 5 An updated summary of MN patents

From: Emerging era of microneedle array for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications: recent advances and toxicological perspectives

Sr. No. Publication number Conditions or diseases Description/summary Ref.
1. 13/2019
Electrochemical biosensing in body fluid In this invention, it has developed a modern method for MNs that prints assembled screens. Electrode fixes the biosensing electrode to print the screen that sensing of blood glucose, cholesterol HbA1C and like. [22]
2. 48/2018
Treatment of hyperkeratosis, injury, and pain in conditions like warts, corns, calluses, acne, psoriasis, keloids, microtrauma, eczema The MNs patches based topical drug delivery system incorporated with keratolytic agents. The patch comprises micron-scale protrusions that penetrate via the SC and delivers the active pharmaceutical ingredient across the SC to improve the permeation of drugs. A keratolytic agent reduces the intercellular cohesiveness of the horny cells and thus enables speedy shedding of keratinized cells. [23]
3. 42/2018
Management of anxiety In this patent novel, the buspirone microemulsion method has developed using the phase titration method and tested for its efficiency in the skin. It enhances transdermal delivery. [24]
4. WO/2010/013601 Enhancement of immunogenicity It has enhanced immunogenicity using an MNs for the Japanese encephalitis virus antigen derived from kidney cells of monkey and concluded that antibody against a Japanese encephalitis virus antigen has efficiently enhanced. [146]
5. WO/2010/001671 Enhancing the immunogenicity against influenza virus Polylactic acid-coated MNs of an influenza vaccine that is the H1N1 strain, H3N2 and types B strain, and brought into direct skin contact that enhances immunogenicity against influenza virus. [147]
6. 20150290163 To treat pimples, stains, or wrinkles MNs contains a substrate, water-swelling polymer, and retinoic acid. It dissolves in an enormous amount of water. [148]
7. 20200170940 Local anesthesia The invention provides immediate acting local anesthetic MNs easily applied to the oral cavity or site, In which a needle part dissolves in a mucous membrane when applying to an oral mucous membrane or gums. [149]
8. 20170209553 Botulinum toxin to treat diseases To treat disease, disorder, or condition therapeutic amount of toxin was added to the MN array [150]
9. 20100030100 Diagnosis of allergy This is an invention of a diagnostic MN device for the detection of an allergy. It holds at least one allergen that enables to perform skin tests with an effortless process in the diagnosis of allergies. These MNs have been prepared using non-metallic synthetic or natural resin material. [151]