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Table 7 MNs approved product for pharmaceutical applications

From: Emerging era of microneedle array for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications: recent advances and toxicological perspectives

Product name Manufactured by Types of MNs Specifications Applications
Dermaroller® Dermaroller® Germany, White Lotus Solid or metal MNs, Cylindrical roller shape and 0.2 mm to 2.5 mm in length Use to improve skin texture and treatment of scars and hyperpigmentation.
Dermaroller™ MS-4 The Dermaroller Series: Anastassakis K Small cylinder, 1 cm length, 2 cm in diameter, 4 circular arrays of needles (total 96 needles) Use to treatment on facial acne scars
MicroHyala® CosMED Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd Dissolvable MNs Slowly dissolved
Less irritating
Use to wrinkle treatment
h-patch Valeritas A small adhesive machine like the patch is used To deliver drugs (insulin) in subcutaneous
Microstructured transdermal system 3 M Hollow MNs To deliver biologics and other small molecules
Dermaroller™ MF-8 type The Dermaroller Series: Anastassakis K A needle length of 1.5 mm (1500 μm) Used for the treatment of scars
CIT-8 (collagen induction therapy The Dermaroller Series: Anastassakis K A needle length of 0.5 mm (500 μm) Used in collagen induction and skin remodeling
LiteClear® Nanomed skincare Solid silicon MNs Utilized to treats acne and skin blemishes
Dermaroller™ C-8 (Cosmetic type) The Dermaroller Series: Anastassakis K A needle length of 0.13 mm (130 μm), 24 circular arrays of 8 needles each (total 192 needles) Used to enhance the penetration rate of topical agents
BD Soluvia® BD, Sanofi Pasteur Europe Hollow MNs 1.5-mm-long hypodermic needle Used for Influenza vaccination