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Table 2 Knowledge and awareness of participant about analgesics (n = 1554)

From: Awareness of analgesics complications in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study

Most commonly used analgesicParacetamol or acetaminophen120277.3
Other analgesic493.2
When do you use analgesics?When needed148795.7
If the pain did not subside, what do you do?Ask physician, pharmacist110270.9
Increase dose1338.5
Use another analgesic31920.5
When you buy pain relief medication without a prescription, what is your source of information about it?Pharmacist, physician105968.1
I have heard about it through television, radio, social media19412.6
Parents and friends30119.3
Do you think that increasing the analgesic dose has side effects?Yes110270.9
I do not know31920.5