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Table 1 Macroscopical attributes of Aralia cachemirica

From: Pharmacognostic standardization of Aralia cachemirica: a comparative study

Habit Herbaceous perennial
Root Very thick, branched
Stem Upright stems, 1 to 3-m tall
Leaves Large bright green tri-pinnate leaves, imparipinnate. Petiole long, leaflets ovate, apex acuminate, glabrous
Inflorescence Inflorescence of umbels in axillary or terminal panicles
Calyx Toothed, persistent
Corolla Petals ovate
Androecium Stamens 5, filaments longer than the petals, broader at the base and alternating with the petals
Gynoecium Styles 5, united at the base, persistent. Ovary 5—locular
Flowering July–August (–September)
Fruit A 5-angled drupe, purplish black