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Table 6 Fluorescence analysis of Aralia cachemirica stem

From: Pharmacognostic standardization of Aralia cachemirica: a comparative study

S.No. Reagents Visible light UV 254 nm UV 366 nm
1. Powder drug Light brown Grayish orange Light olive green
2. Powder drug + distilled water Brown Moderate orange Dark olive green
3. Powder drug + 10% aq. sodium hydroxide Dark brown Light orange Dark olive green
4. Powder drug + ammonia Moderate brown Blackish orange Greena
5. Powder drug + conc. sulfuric acid Brownish black Blackish orange Black
6. Powder drug + sulfuric acid + water Black Moderate orange Light black
7. Powder drug + conc. hydrochloric acid Chocolate brown Blackish orange Grayish black
8. Powder drug + hydrochloric acid + water Light brown Light orange Blackish greena
9. Powder drug + conc. nitric acid Moderate orange Dark orange Grayish black
10. Powder drug + nitric acid + water Light orange Orange Greenish black
11. Powder drug + iodine Brown Dark orange Greenish black
12. Powder drug + 5% ferric chloride Grayish black Blackish orange Grayish black
13. Powder drug + picric acid Yellow Light orange Greenish black
14. Powder drug + picric acid + water Yellowish brown Light orange Dark olive green
15. Powder drug + glacial acetic acid Dark brown Moderate orange Light gray
16. Powder drug + petroleum ether Light brown Grayish orange Light gray
17. Powder drug + chloroform Dark brown Blackish orange Grayish white
18. Powder drug + ethyl acetate Moderate brown Blackish orange Light pinka
19. Powder drug + methanol Brown Light orange Greenish gray
20. Powder drug + 5% potassium dichromate Yellowish dark brown Moderate orange Black
21. Powder drug + alcoholic potassium hydroxide Moderate brown Blackish orange Greenish gray
  1. aDiagnostic color