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Table 2 Optimized gas chromatographic conditions

From: Determination of residual solvents in paclitaxel by headspace gas chromatography

Parameter Condition
Carrier gas Helium
Flow rate 2.5 mL/min
Injector temperature 180 °C
Carrier gas mode Split
Split ratio 5:1
Split flow 20 mL/min
Detector FID
Detector temperature 260 °C
Hydrogen flow 40 mL/min
Air flow 400 mL/min
Make-up gas flow (helium) 25 mL/min
Run time 30 min
Oven temperature T1 40 °C; hold for 12 min
T2 220 °C at the rate of 25 °C/min;
hold for 10.8 min