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Table 1 Different trails

From: Novel stability-indicating RP-UPLC method for simultaneous estimation of sitagliptin and ertugliflozin in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations

Trail Column Mobile phase(% v/v) Flow rate Observation
1 STD Hibra C18 [100×2.1mm, 2μm] Aceonitrile to water (50:50) 0.3ml Assymetric peak with lower efficiency for sitagliptin
2 STD CHS C18 [100×2.1mm, 2μm] Water to acetonitrile (50:50) 0.3ml The tailing factor of sitagliptin is very close to acceptance limit
3 STD Hibra C8[100×2.1mm, 2μm] Acetonitrile to water (pH 3.5)
(50: 50)
0.2ml Symmetric peak with higher efficiency and acceptable tailing factor
  1. v/v volume by volume, STD standard, CHS charged surface hybrid, mm millimeter, ml milliliter, % percentage, μm micrometer