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Table 10 Comparison between the present method with the reported method

From: Novel stability-indicating RP-UPLC method for simultaneous estimation of sitagliptin and ertugliflozin in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations

Parameter Present method Reported method
Sitagliptin Ertugliflozin Sitagliptin Ertugliflozin
Retention time 0.859min 1.570min 4.60 min 2.39min
LOD 0.5μg/ml 0.13μg/ml 12.71μg/ml 42.37μg/ml
LOQ 1.53μg/ml 0.38μg/ml 8.59μg/ml 28.65μg/ml
Mobile composition Acetonitrile to water (pH 3.5)
(50:50%, v/v)
0.5 mM potassium
dihydrogen ortho phosphate buffer: Methanol (55:45 v/v)
Flow rate 0.2ml/min 1 ml/min
Column C8(100×2.1mm, 2μm) C18 (250×4.6 mm, 5 μm)
  1. LOD limit of detection, LOQ limit of quantification, min minute, μg microgram, ml milliliter, v/v volume by volume, mm millimeter, μm micrometer, % percentage