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Table 2 The biological applications of OP

From: Review on the “Biological Applications of Okra Polysaccharides and Prospective Research”

No OP activity Reference
1 Exhibited good DPPH radical-scavenging ability [26]
2 Exhibited antioxidant, α-amylase, and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities in vitro [27]
3 Induce different secondary conformation changes of gelatin during complex coacervation [28]
4 Responsible for the hypoglycemic activity [31]
5 Anti-fatigue [29]
6 Enhancing immune response including phagocytic activity, spleen index, splenocytes proliferation, and control immune responses through cytokine production [30]
7 Synthesized ZnO nanofilms contains okra mucilage, showed high antibacterial activity against S. aureus than E. coli [34]
8 Exhibited significant in vitro antioxidant activity [16]
9 Possess therapeutic functions on metabolic diseases by the inhibition of LXR and PPAR signaling [32]
10 Reduced the proliferation significantly but improved the cell viability [33]