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Table 5 List of patents granted related to the use of nanofibers for transdermal drug delivery

From: Nanofiber as a novel vehicle for transdermal delivery of therapeutic agents: challenges and opportunities

Title of patent

Brief description


Patent number


Method and nanofibres produced by electrospinning containing active substances for controlled release cosmetic application

This invention discloses a method of preparation of nanofibers loaded with nitrogenated organic compounds of the xanthine and their activity against cellulite

Maria Helena Ambrosio Zanin, Adriano Marim De Oliveira, Natália Neto Pereira Cerize, Maria Valéria Robles Velasco, André Rolim Baby



Polymeric nanofibers for tissue engineering and drug delivery

This patent describes a method of production of polyphosphazene based nanofibers loaded with nanosized hydroxyapatites and their role in wound dressing

Cato T. Laurencin, Lakshmi Sreedharan Nair, Subhabrata Bhattacharyya, Harry R. Allcock, Jared D. Bender, Paul W. Brown, Yaser E. Greish



A hollow fiber-based biocompatible drug delivery device with one or more layers

This patent describes a production method of a hollow fiber-based drug delivery system with pore size below 100 µm with multiple layers and its role in transdermal drug delivery

Semali Priyanthi Perera



Nonwoven membrane as a drug delivery system

This invention discloses the preparation method of electrospun nanofibers for effective transdermal delivery of a therapeutic agent with low water solubility

José Antonio Tornero Garcia, Angel Montero Carcaboso, Joan Bertran Llavi



Beauty mask based on electro spinning nano fiber

This patent discloses the method of loading medicinal agent/cosmetic agent in concentration 0.01–50% in a biodegradable nanofibrous scaffold

Gu Zhongze, Xu Qian



Medical skin-patch fabricated by using multilayer nanofiber sheet

This invention describes a method of preparation of multilayered skin adhesive nanofibrous patch composed of biodegradable polymer for the treatment of diabetic skin cancer

Cho Jae-yong, Lee Hyun-wook, Park So-young, Jeong Se-young



Alkanna tinctoria drug loading nanofiber, preparation and application thereof

This patent discloses about development method of lithospermum loaded biodegradable nanofibers for the treatment of skin injuries or cancer

Zhu Limin, Han Jie



Medicinal fiber used for treating cutaneous inflammation and pain, preparation and application thereof

This invention describes a loading method of ketoprofen in cellulose acetate nanofibers and their role in the treatment of cutaneous inflammation and pain

Zhu Limin, Wu Xiaomei, Kreith Brandt-White, Yu Dengguang, Zheng Yan