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Table 1 Variables of response surface design

From: Response surface method for optimization of prepared satranidazole powder layered pellets

Independent variables Levels used
Low (− 1) Medium (0) High (+ 1)
Design of experiment
 X1: Ratio of coating mixture % (Locust bean gum: Xanthan gum & Locust bean gum: Chitosan gum) 1:2 or 33.3% 1:1 or 50% 2:1 or 66.7%
 X2: Coating level % 10 20 30
Numerical optimization
 Dependent variables Constraints Range Goal
 Y1: Drug release at 2 h. (%) In the range Minimize
 Y2: Drug release at 6 h. (%) In the range Minimize
 Y3: Drug release difference in presence & absence of colonic enzyme at 10 h. (%) In the range Maximize
 Y4: Mean dissolution time In the range Minimize