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Table 1 Ethnobotanical information on the plant species used in this study and their extraction yield

From: Qualitative and quantitative phytochemical composition, antimicrobial activity, and brine shrimp cytotoxicity of different solvent extracts of Acanthus polystachyus, Keetia gueinzii, and Rhynchosia elegans

Species Family Local name Voucher number Part used Extraction yield (%)
Aqueous Acetone Methanol
Acanthus polystachyus Acanthaceae Nyanandi JM2019/284/003 Root 21.20 4.30 10.10
Keetia gueinzii Rubiaceae Atego JM2019/264/001 Root bark 17.80 4.90 10.90
Rhynchosia elegans Leguminosae Jandalusi/Jandarusi JM2019/284/002 Root tuber 20.20 0.80 5.20