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Table 3 Results of Korsmeyer–Peppas models of various chitosan-based PEC beads containing Diclofenac sodium (10–60 min)

From: Preparation and evaluation of polymeric beads composed of Chitosan–Gellan Gum–Gum Ghatti/-Gum Karaya polyelectrolyte complexes as polymeric carrier for enteric sustained delivery of Diclofenac sodium

Formulation code r2 value n value*
Korsmeyer–Peppas model*
P1 0.9802 0.97
P2 0.9828 0.99
P3 0.9904 0.98
P4 0.9837 0.99
P5 0.9823 0.99
P6 0.9949 0.99
  1. *For drug released within first hour