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Table 1 List out some of U.S FDA approved clinical drugs for various human diseases obtained from marine sources

From: Marine-derived pipeline anticancer natural products: a review of their pharmacotherapeutic potential and molecular mechanisms

Compound name Marine organism Molecular target Indication Approval date
Trabectedin Tunicate Tunicate DNA (minor groove) Soft tissue sarcoma and ovarian cancer October 23, 2015
Brentuximab vedotin Mollusk/cyanobacteria CD30, microtubules Anaplastic large T‑cell systemic malignant lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease August 19, 2011
Eribulin mesylate Sponge Microtubules Metastatic breast cancer 0 November 15, 2010
Omega‑3‑acid ethyl esters Fish Triglyceride‑producing enzymes Hypertriglyceridemia November 10, 2004
Ziconotide Cone snail DNA polymerase Severe and chronic pain December 28, 2004
Vidarabine Sponge Viral DNA polymerase Herpes simplex virus infection 1976 current status: Discontinued
Cytarabine Sponge DNA polymerase Leukemia 1969