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Table 1 Extractive values of A. ferruginea bark and leaf extracts

From: Exploring the phyto- and physicochemical evaluation, fluorescence characteristics, and antioxidant activities of Acacia ferruginea Dc: an endangered medicinal plant

S. no Extracts Sample name Solvent Percentage (%)
1 A. ferruginea Bark Hexane ACFE-B-H Hexane 0.33
2 A. ferruginea Bark Ethyl acetate ACFE-B-EA Ethyl Acetate 1.59
3 A. ferruginea Bark Ethanol ACFE-B-E Ethanol 2.54
4 A. ferruginea Bark Hydroethanol ACFE-B-HE Hydroethanol (90%) 0.23
5 A. ferruginea Bark Aqueous ACFE-B-Aq Distilled water 1.67
6 A. ferruginea Leaf Hexane ACFE-L-H Hexane 4.32
7 A. ferruginea Leaf Ethyl acetate ACFE-L-EA Ethyl Acetate 16.32
8 A. ferruginea Leaf Ethanol ACFE-L-E Ethanol 8.26
9 A. ferruginea Leaf Hydroethanol ACFE-L-HE Hydroethanol (90%) 1.26
10 A. ferruginea Bark Aqueous ACFE-L-Aq Distilled water 2.35