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Table 2 Results of MTT assay

From: Evaluation of anti-cancer potential of Excoecaria agallocha (L.) leaf extract on human cervical cancer (SiHa) cell line and assessing the underlying mechanism of action

Compound IC50 value
1. Control-Cisplatin, against SiHa cells 5.122 ± 0.004 µg/mL
2. E. agallocha fraction I against SiHa cells > 30–40 µg/mL
3. E. agallocha fraction II against SiHa cells > 30–35 µg/mL
4. E. agallocha fraction III against SiHa cells 15.538 ± 0.577 µg/mL
5. E. agallocha fraction II against healthy PBMC cells No toxicity; IC50 may lie much beyond > 250 µg/mL