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Table 1 List of excipients used in the preparation of NLCs

From: Nanostructured lipid carriers: a promising drug carrier for targeting brain tumours

Excipient type Example References
Solid lipids Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Stearic acid, Cetyl palmitate, Glyceryl monostearate, Apifil®, Dynasan 112, 114, 116 and 118, Precifac ATO, Glyceryl behenate, Hydroxyoctacosanyl hydroxystearate, Glyceryl palmitostearate, Tristearin, Cholesterol, Palmitic acid,Hydrogenated palm oil, Imwitor® 900 P, Geleol® [43,44,45,46,47]
Liquid lipids Decyl Oleate, Miglyol® 812, Transcutol® HP, LabrafilLipofile® WL 1349, Labrafac® PG, Castor oil, Oleic acid, Davana oil, Palm oil, Olive oil, Isodecyloleate, Paraffin oil, Propylene glycol dicaprylocaprate, Linoleic acid, Decanoic acid, Argan oil, Coconut oil, 2-octyl dodecanol [43,44,45,46, 48, 49]
Hydrophilic emulsifier Poloxamer 188 and 407, Tween 20, 40 and 80, Polyvinyl alcohol, Sodium deoxycholate, Sodium glycocholate, Sodium oleate, Polyglycerol methyl glucose distearate [46, 50, 51]
Lipophilic emulsifiers Myverol® 18-04 K, Span 20, 40 and 60 [46, 50, 51]
Amphiphilic emulsifiers Egg lecithin, Soya lecithin, Phosphatidylcholines, Phosphatidylethanolamines [46, 50, 51]