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Table 2 List of the microsponge-based drug delivery system marketed products

From: Microsponges: a breakthrough tool in pharmaceutical research

S. No. Marketed product name Ingredients Manufacturer Applications References
1 Ultra guard Dimethicone Scott Paper Company This formulation can prevent rashes on the skin caused by diaper use; it is also hypoallergenic and contains skin protectants [5, 8, 29]
2 Salicylic peel 30 30% Salicylic acid Biomedic Removing dead skin cells without causing injury to healthy skin [5, 8, 29]
3 NeoBenz®Micro Benzoyl peroxide/methyl methacrylate/glycol Intendis Inc. Morristown NJ07962 USA It has antibacterial effects and is also a keratolytic agent [5, 8, 29]
4 Retin-A-micro 0.1% and 0.04% Tretinoin, methyl methacrylate/glycol dimethacrylate, base is of aqueous gel Biomedic Sothys Fine lines and wrinkles on the skin can be minimised, skin discolouration due to ageing can be decreased, and skin smoothness can be improved [5, 8, 29]
5 Salicylic Peel 20 Salicylic acid 20% Biophora Improvement may be noted in the fine lines; acne and pigmentation are reduced [5, 8, 29]
6 Line eliminator DUAL RETINOL FACIAL TREATMENT Vitamin A Biophopra Improvement in pigmentation and acne, as well as a reduction in fine wrinkles [5, 8, 29]
7 Dermalogica oil control lotion Niacinamide, yeast extract, caffeine, zinc gluconate, biotin, enantia chlorantha bark extract, and salicylic acid John and Ginger dermalogica skin care products To reduce the greasy sheen on the skin's surface [5, 8, 29]
8 Carac cream 0.5% Fluorouracil, 0.35% methyl methacrylate/glycol dimethacrylate cross-polymer and dimethicone Avon Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age-related discolouration of the skin [5, 8, 29]
9 EpiQuin Micro Hydroquinone and retinol SkinMedica Inc. To minimise skin irritation, MDS gently distribute the medicine to the skin with continued exposure [5, 8, 29]
10 Retinol 15-night cream Pure retinol and vitamin A Sothys Continuous use of Retinol 15-night cream results in visible improvements in wrinkles and fine lines reduction, apparent improvement in skin discolouration caused by ageing, and increased skin smoothness [5, 8, 29]
11 LactrexTM12% moisturising cream 12% Lactic acid, ammonium lactate, water, and glycerine SDR Pharmaceuticals Inc., Andover, NJ, USA, 07,821 This microsponge preparation is easy to apply and delivers long-lasting skin moisturisation. The water and glycerine incorporated in the preparation serve to make the skin softer and to offer moisturisation to dry, flaky, and cracked skin [5, 8, 29]