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Table 3  Some examples of MDS currently marketed as cosmetic products

From: Microsponges: a breakthrough tool in pharmaceutical research

S. No. Name of the product Active moiety Indications Manufactures References
1 Retin-A-micro Tretinoin Acne vulgaris Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc. USA [30, 31]
2 Carac cream Fluorouracil Actinic keratoses Dermik Laboratories, Inc. USA [30, 31]
3 Line eliminator dual retinol facial treatment Retinol Anti-wrinkle Avon Products, Inc. UK [30, 31]
4 Retinol night cream Retinol Anti-wrinkle Biomedical IMPORIUM, South Africa [30, 31]
5 Lactrex 12% moisturising cream Lactic acid Moisturiser SDR Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., India [30, 31]
6 EpiQuin micro Hydroquinone and retinol Hyperpigmentation SkinMedica, Inc. USA [30, 31]
7 Oil-free matte block SPF20 Zinc gluconate Sunscreen Dermalogica, LLC, USA [30, 31]
8 Ultra guard Dimethicone Protective for babies Scott Paper Company, USA [30, 31]
9 Micro-peel plus/acne peel Salicylic acid Acne vulgaris Biomedical IMPORIUM, South Africa [30, 31]
10 Retinol cream Retinol Skin supplement Biomedical IMPORIUM, South Africa [30, 31]
11 Glycolic acid moisturiser w/SPF 15 Glycolic acid Anti-wrinkle and soothing agent AMCOL Health and Beauty Solutions, Inc. USA [30, 31]