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Table 1 LC-MS/MS analysis of catechin fraction of selected species

From: Identification of validated substitute for Asoka (Saraca asoca (Roxb.) Willd.) by phytochemical and pharmacological evaluations

CompoundMolecular formulam/z
MS/MSPresent inReference
CatechinC15H14O6289.2902248.30, 203.08,AB, AS, SB, TB[11]
EpicatechinC15H14O6289.2902248.30, 203.08, 109.2AB, AS, SB, TB[12]
Epicatechin-3 gallateC22H18O10441.6401289.28, 169.14AB, SB[13]
Gallo catechinC15H14O7305.2614289.28AB, AS, SB, TB[11, 13]
Gallocatechin-3-gallateC22H18O11457.7621305.26, 169.14AB, SB[11, 14]