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Table 2 Scale for assessing skin irritancy reactions

From: Development of electrospun keratin/coenzyme Q10/poly vinyl alcohol nanofibrous scaffold containing mupirocin as potential dressing for infected wounds

ErythemaNo erythema3
Slight erythema (not very noticeable)2
Moderate erythema (noticeable,but not covering the entire test area)1
Severe erythema (noticeable and covering the entire test area)0
EdemaNo oedema (no swelling within the entire test area)3
Slight edema (1 swollen spot, having an area not more than 0.5 mm2)2
Moderate edema
(2–3 swollen spots, each having an area not more than 0.5 mm2)
Severe edema (up to half of the test area is swollen)0