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Table 3 FT-IR analysis revealed the presence of functional groups in the Sterculia urens Roxb. root

From: In vitro antioxidant and antimicrobial potential of Sterculia urens Roxb. root extract and its bioactive phytoconstituents evaluation

Frequency range Band Band location cm−1 Band interaction Band assignments Possible compounds
800–400 A, B, C 529, 546, 576 Out-of-plane ring bending C-halogen Halogen compounds
D 631 Stretch C–Cl Alkyl halides
E 763 Stretch C–H Alkenes
1100–800 F 1063 Stretch C–O Primary alcohol
1300–1000 G 1111 Stretch C–H wag Alkyl halides
H 1156 Stretch C–O Tertiary alcohol
I 1280 Stretch C–O–C Aromatic amine
1550–1300 J, K 1373,1446 Bend C–H Alkanes
L 1517 Bend NH Secondary amines
1650–1550 M 1610 Stretch C=C Alkenes
2800–2000 N 2085 Bend C=N Amide group
O 2357 Stretch C–O Carboxylic acid
3000–2800 P 2852 Stretch C–H Alkane
Q 2921 Stretch C–H Alkane
3700–3100 R 3356 Stretch –OH Alcohol, aldehyde, carboxylic acid