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Table 6 Inhibitory concentration of male and female tubers of Dioscorea species found in Tripura

From: Sex-specific variations in phytochemicals and antimicrobial potentiality of Dioscorea

Plant name Sex IC50 (μg/ml)
Dioscorea alata Male 232.58
Dioscorea alata Female 284.71
Dioscorea hamiltonii Male 648.86
Dioscorea hamiltonii Female 340.50
Dioscorea oppositifolia Male 25.17
Dioscorea oppositifolia Female 18.98
Dioscorea pubera Male 313.58
Dioscorea pubera Female 209.02
Dioscorea wallichii Male 234.85
Dioscorea wallichii Female 267.50
Ascorbic acid (standard)   8.03