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Table 1 Pharmaceutical applications of polymer blends

From: Applications of polymer blends in drug delivery

Dosage forms*



Modulation of drug release profiles

Hard and soft capsules

Capsule shell formation, enteric protection

Film coatings

Plasticization, modulation of mechanical properties, adhesion, vapor permeability and drug release rates

Oral films

Plasticization, modulation of mechanical properties. Preventing settling of dispersed phases; modulating tear resistance

Liquids, emulsions, and suspensions

Rheological adjustment, suspension stabilization


Rheological modification, modulation of diffusion, swelling, dissolution/erosion and drug release rates

Topical semi-solids and transdermal patches

Rheological/mechanical properties modification, modulation of bioadhesion and drug release rates

Long-acting injectables, implants, ophthalmic inserts

Modulation of degradation, drug release rate and mechanical properties

Solid dispersions

Drug solubilization, dissolution enhancement, stabilzation of solid state forms, crystallization inhibition, modulation of super-saturation and precipitation inhibition

  1. *Specific examples for various dosage forms are listed in Tables 2, 3, 4, and 5