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Table 1 Results of phytochemical screening of Methanolic Extract of Luffa cylindrica (L.) leaves

From: Pharmacodynamic findings for the usefulness of Luffa cylindrica (L.) leaves in atherosclerosis therapy with supporting antioxidant potential

Phytochemical tests Result
A) Carbohydrates
 1)Molisch’s Test +ve
 2) Benedict Test +ve
B) Alkaloids
 1) Mayer’s Test -ve
 2) Wagner’s Test -ve
C) Glycosides
 1) Modified Borntrager’s Test +ve
 2) Legal’s Test: +ve
D) Flavonoids
 1) Shinoda Test +ve
 2) Lead acetate Test +ve
E) Phytosterols
 1) Salkowski’s Test +ve
 2) LibermannBurchard’s Test +ve
F) Tannins
 1)Gelatin Test +ve
G) Saponin+ve
  1. +ve indicates presence and – ve indicates absence