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Table 2 Linear regression data for calibration curves (n=3)

From: Novel stability-indicating RP-UPLC method for simultaneous estimation of sitagliptin and ertugliflozin in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations

Parameters (units) SIT ERT
Linearity range (μg/ml) 25–150 3.8–22.5
r2±SD 0.9998±0.0001 0.9996±0.0001
Slope±SD 9874.6±35.3 29236.7±37.8
Intercept±SD 4074.5±1444.9 1107.6±972.2
  1. SIT sitagliptin, ERT ertugliflozin, n number of determinations, μg/ml microgram per milliliter, r correlation coefficient, SD standard deviation