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Fig. 8

From: Nanofiber as a novel vehicle for transdermal delivery of therapeutic agents: challenges and opportunities

Fig. 8

copyright 2017 Paskiabi et al.)

Antifungal effects of nanofibers and antifungal disks on C. albicans after 48 h (A), on A. fumigatus after 72 h (B), and on T. mentagrophytes at 144 h of treatment (C). PCL/TFH terbinafine hydrochloride loaded polycaprolactone nanofibers; Gelatin/TFH terbinafine hydrochloride loaded gelatin nanofibers; PCL/Gelatin/TFH terbinafine hydrochloride loaded polycaprolactone/gelatine nanofibers; PCL/Gelatin/TFH/GTA terbinafine hydrochloride loaded polycaprolactone/gelatine/glutaraldehyde cross-linked nanofibers. (Adapted with permission from [62]

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