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Table 1 Particle size, Saturation magnetization (Ms) and Scavenging activity of phytohybrid Fe3O4 nanoconjugates

From: Antimicrobial and antioxidant therapy with bioactive plant molecules on Fe3O4 phytohybrid nanoplatforms

Phytohybrid conjugates Particle size D = k x ƛ
β x Cos(Ɵ) nm
(Debye–Scherrer formula)
Saturation magnetization (Ms) emu/g % DPPH inhibition (scavenging activity)
(a) Fe3O4 22.35 51.40 No Activity
(b) Fe3O4-Lax 20.75 29.66 17
(c) Fe3O4-Lax-Eug 21.22 14.55 100
(d) Fe3O4-Lax-Yla 10.56 12.87 50