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Table 4 Drug candidates explored using microsponge delivery systems for dermatological and cosmetic applications

From: Microsponges: a breakthrough tool in pharmaceutical research

S. No. Drug candidates Formulation type Cosmetic and dermatological applications References
1 Fluocinolone acetonide Gel Skin inflammation [31, 32]
2 Mupirocin Emulgel In both primary and secondary skin infections [31, 32]
3 Fluconazole Gel Antifungal [31]
4 Silver sulfadiazine Gel Burn wounds with a partial thickness [31, 32]
5 Oxybenzone Gel Sunscreen [31, 33]
6 Terbinafine Gel Fungicidal (hair and skin infection) [31,32,33]
7 Paeonol Cream Anti-inflammatory and anti-melanin activity [31]